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Details of Mercik Futsal Team 

Mercik Futsal Team Info :
We are amature Futsal team based in Penanti, Penang. All of the players are still studying in respective fields. We are still newbie, but are ready to play with any team that would like to challenge us... We are making friendly with other people with passion and full commitment towards the game. "Futsal is our life"
To be a greatest teenage futsal club in Malaysia.

Where were we:
          Mercik Futsal Team are currently located in Penang. Basically in a small town known as Penanti. 


it was   5°24'19.19"N  100°28'3.94"E
nearby Yayasan Aman,The official office for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Contact us:
Interested to have a friendly with us...??  contact us :-  
  1. 017 4889019 (dat) 
  2. 012 5977488 (wan) 
  3. 019 4482212 (zahir) 
  4. 012 5493341 (che det) 
  5. 017 4691914 (meon) 
  6. 013 4158767 (farez)