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Monday, January 17, 2011

Tips for defender....

I shall share some stuff regarding defender...and here's some of my opinion and advice on how to be a good defender in futsal:-

1. Always keep an eye for the runner aka the striker from the opposing team who will make a run towards your D-box via left side or right side or even in the middle. As a last man of the team, the defender have to keep a watchful eye on the runner and never let him get the through pass or a high lobbing pass.

2. While defending, it's important to pressure and mark your opposing team's striker. Giving him too much space will lead to your opponent getting a pass from his team-mates. Always keep a tight pressure and mark on the striker at all times. The term 'shadow' means to follow him and pressure him. *Do not attempt to steal the ball (See below points). Just stick to him as a shadow about 1 meter from him. Cause if marking too near will cause a problem if the opposing player manage to twist and turn or cut you on your side. So too close marking is a no-no. Too far marking also is a no-no, coz if marking too far, that's not a 'marking' already.

3. Never ever go for a tackle except you are 100% sure, that you will get the ball. It's a HUGE sin for defender to react first because the opposing member can read your movement and move to the opposite direction of your challenge/tackle. Always anticipate and wait for the opponent to move, then only you go for the tackle. By doing this, you can improve your tackle and ball stealing rate by ALOT!

4. Watch the ball and not the opponent's body. Always keep your eye on the ball cause you want to tackle for the ball and not the player. Body movement is often used by players to provide a dummy to confuse defenders into the path of movement. Often times defenders get fooled by the dummy moves done with body and often they use a fake move to cheat the defender into believing they are going on one way but goes to another.

5. Never stand straight while defending. This is a major no-no. Always stand side ways either right or left depending on the opponent's movement of the ball. Standing straight will cause to delay in chasing after the opponent after he has cut passed you. Always stand sideways aka ever ready to run back either left of right. And also never ever let your two legs opened up too big for this will be exploited by opponent in giving you a ball-thru-between-ya-two-leg @ panna @ ole @ 20cent @ kangkang. Do not chase the player with the ball, skip this by moving in a arch shape via d-box line. If the player is movin in from the side either left or right, don't follow! Just move back and cover the d-box angle. This will save you time.

6. Positioning and anticipate and cutting a pass or through pass aka LURING. This is one of the most important part as being a DEFENDER. Aside from man marking, positioning and anticipate while luring is THE MOST IMPORTANT technique and tactic for a defender to steal a pass. First, defender and to position himself quite far apart from striker or flanker but not too far. REMEMBER this is not man marking! This is LURING the opposing players to have an impression that their striker/flankers are unmarked, thus when the pass is played or a through pass is played, your job is to cut in a 45degree angle to intercept the pass/through pass. To perfect this baiting and luring technique requires time and practice and also fast movement and anticipation. Psycho your opponent in giving them false assumption and lure them. Quick feet movement and fast body reaction need to be perfected to fully utilize this technique.

7. Use your goalie as a safety assurance when you are being pressured. Always fully utilize the goalie if you find yourself cornered and all your passing option are closed.

8. Always pass! Don't try to be hero in trying to dribble and cut if you are the last man defending. Cause if you screwed up and the opposing team gets the ball, your goalie will curse you to hell! And followed by several curse from your fellow team-mates.

9. Don't be afraid in getting forward! Defenders can always act as flankers and also a holding midfielder. Always utilized a 1-2 play to get yourself forward into the middle area fast!

10. Always keep and eye to your flank and striker to release a pass/through pass early. Whenever is a chance where your team-mates above are unmarked, quickly release the ball to them via pass/through pass. Always be alert.

Defender not only act as a "DEFENDER" but often time are also the "PLAYMAKER" in the futsal game. By practicing passes, defender are a team's playmaker and chance-creator by giving 'threat-balls' to your flank and your striker. And most of the time the ball are in your control and every decision making move are basically in the hands of the players who are closest to the goalie.

Hopefully some of this tips might prove useful for you all.

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