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Saturday, January 22, 2011

DO & DONT'S for a Futsal players....

Here's another tips for all futsallers. I want to stress on the technique which has been utilized by alot of world class midfielder such as deco which is the big secret to many football and futsal players. The art of receiving a pass! and move!

Often times, most futsal players tend to recieve a pass ineffectively. Many failed to control the ball after receiving a pass. Here's some hint on improving your technique:-


1. Body positioning must not be straight facing the person who passes while receiving a pass. This will prevent you from going forward as you need to turn around to move forward. Futsal is about speed and every second counts if your body angle while receiving the pass is your ass facing the opposing side, you need to turn 180degree for you to move forward.

2. Do not use your inner feet to receive the pass. Well, you can do that but chances are if the pass is a strong fast pass and who use your inner feet to receive the pass via blocking it, the ball may just bounce of your feet and hence you need to chase after the ball. Most of the time, we all receive passes this way, well it's ok but it consumes way too much time and keep the ball under your control.

Here's what you should do when receiving a pass/though pass


1. Positioning is very important while receiving a pass and to MOVE FORWARD fast!. Always stand side ways aka ready to move forward. When a pass is played to you, due to your body angle being side ways, it's much more easier for you to move forward after receiving the pass. Best is stand in a 'L' stand with the front leg ready to receive the pass and the back leg to push yourself forward for a quick move.

This next move is regarded as the most fundamental in futsal and football

2. STEP AND ROLL THE BALL! Yes... step! Stepping the ball is the best way to stop the ball! Not blocking it via using your inner feet. If possible, always step the ball to stop the ball. Why? Cause by stepping on the ball as you receive the pass, you can simultaneously roll the ball forward. THIS MOVE ALONE SAVES ALOT OF TIME! Step and roll... If you notice alot of good players tend to dribble the ball using the step and roll method? This method is a very lethal method for every futsal player to master as it improves your time to receive the ball and move forward. Step and roll also can be a basic skill to evade tackles and to cut pass your opponent. Various dribbling skills are an extension of the step and roll technique.

3. Redirect the ball to your desired path. Always use your feet to cushion and redirect the angle of the incoming pass to where ever you want the ball to be. By doing this, you saves alot of time by not stopping the ball first and then move. Always redirect the ball to an empty space. Well you don't want to direct the ball to your opponent ya? You can always redirect the pass to your team-mate and hence done a 1-2 pass and play movement.

Hope some of this tips prove useful...

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